Well, here we are again; the end of another year.. and what an absolutely incredible one it has been.

I started my first professional job in Marketing and Events, went on an amazing holiday back to the States with my two best friends, improved my baking skills, saved up to begin my 12 month working holiday in Australia in January 2016 and most importantly; met some of the most fascinating, fun and positive, caring people I have ever known from many different corners of life.

I always think you will never regret being nice; both to yourself and to others. You can never meet too many people or have too many friends. Another thing you will never regret is to choose to laugh at EVERYTHING! Laugh at yourself, laugh with others, laugh when it goes right, laugh when it all goes wrong. Just keep laughing because, how bad can it be, really? I am a firm believer that your entire life is in your head, your thoughts and your attitude make or break your joy of life, not your circumstances.

I consider myself to be very much a reflector. More often than not, it takes a decent amount of time for me to fully understand and act upon things which is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, I can relive moments again and again in my head and remember and notice something new and different each time I look back on it. On the other hand, it means by the time I appreciate something, the moment has already passed and all I have is the memory and the things I might’ve missed out on.. A new year means reflection of the past 52 weeks. This time though, I actually don’t like measuring time through years as I think that who you are and what life is, is so much more than what you can fit into 365 days.. Every year does count but every day counts even more. You don’t need a new year to make a new change, just a new day.

I have made so many random leaps of faith this year. Some have worked out exactly how I wanted and some haven’t, but I have loved every single second of every single jump and I wouldn’t change a thing. Sometimes, making the mistake makes for a better story than the times it all goes right? I think that is the most important thing I have taken from this year; making mistakes shouldn’t be feared, they are just as fun!

I think if you give your all in everything – unapologetically, 100% yourself – then you will never fail, no matter what. A plan gone wrong is not the end of the world – at the end of the day, seriously, what is the worst that can happen? I would rather make 839478347 mistakes, giving me 839478347 new stories than miss out on 839478347 opportunities.

Soooo on that note, I’m going to end with this..

Take chances. Take a lot of them. Like, honestly.. No matter where you end up and with who, it always ends up just the way it should be!! Your mistakes and successes make you who you are and lead you to the people who make your life worth living. You learn and grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. Say how you feel, always. Be you and be ok with every single fibre of your whole entire being, inside and out.

2014 was great, but 2015 was even greater. Life just keeps getting better..




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