Well, here we are. Back at square one. Square one being ‘wordpress.com’.

After my blog got wiped with no backup (well done, me) a few months ago, I felt completely disheartened to continue writing. All my hard work over the past 18 months had gone in an instant.

But, last week after powering through things I didn’t even know I knew I could do on our CMS at work, I started thinking that there was no *way* everything I’d ever published on there could just disappear forever. They say once you place something online, it’s there forever. And I wasn’t taking GoDaddy’s online chat assistant’s word for it when they told me numerous times there was no way for me to regain all of my lost content.

Long story short, I found it. Not all of it, but, a lot of it (my favourite posts too, luckily). So, I’m trying this again, back where it all started before I even knew what a domain was.

My aim with this is to get back to writing more positively.

What I had previously posted on my ‘.com’ site was a pretty personal insight into my life. There were highs on there and there were lows on there – but reading back now, it’s clear there were a few too many lows I probably shouldn’t have divulged into.

With the chaos and challenges of every day life, I want this to be a place I can laugh, love and share the excitement of being alive with the rest of the world.

I’ll re-post my favourite oldies from the ‘.com’ days for no other reason that I want to but, with that being said, let’s go back to version 1, round 2. V1.2.




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